Concrete Widows go Bowling...or at least attempt to!


ICP’s Second Concrete Widow’s get together was April 2, 2016.The ladies met up at AMF Bowlero Lanes in Wauwatosa for a fabulous night of snacking, drinking and bowling. 

Most of us haven’t been bowling in years and you could totally tell, while some of us claimed we hadn’t been bowling in years but came out looked like pros! Teams were randomly picked and prizes were given out to the First Place Team and Almost Last Place Team. First Place Team was Kelly Dahlberg and Holly Wendlandt aka Laverne and Shirley. They received the highly sought after hot pink bowling shirts as well as a first place trophy. The Almost Last Place winning team of Therese Hurley and Erin Bisswurm, received an awesome metal! I know what you’re thinking, "almost last place", really? Hey, it takes talent to win almost last place as a pose to just being really bad and placing last! 

All in all, we had another great night talking, hanging out and catching up. Lots of laughs were had once again. We appreciated all the ladies coming out. As usual, it was a blast! We look forward to our next outing later this summer!!!!! 

Our 1st Place Team - Kelly Dahlberg and Holly Wendlandt aka Laverne and Shirley!

Almost Last Place Team of Therese Hurley and Erin Bisswurm!


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