Governor Scott Walker visits ICP

On July 6, 2016 late afternoon, we received the news that Governor Scott Walker was going to visit our plant here in Germantown. First reaction…AAHHHHHHHHHHH! Second reaction…we’ve got to get this place ready! As we frantically put a last minute plan into place, we started to get the place in tip top shape. 

On the morning of July 7, 2016, Governor Walker and staff arrived at ICP. We were a little nervous and star struck at first, but as we started talking with him, we realized that he was a very down to earth man which helped us all to relax. 

Governor Walker met first with our President-John Bisswurm Jr., Executive VP of Sales and Operations-Matt Graf, VP-John Krupo and Good Will Ambassador-John Bisswurm Sr. They filled him in on our company’s history, past projects and what we produce here. We then took Governor Walker out to the front of our building where we display ICP’s very first hand barrel mixer (refurbished of course). We were honored that he added his signature to the signatures of our employees. We proceeded to take him on a tour of our yard to show him the projects that we are currently working on. After getting up close and personal with the panels in the yard, we headed into the shop to meet the hard working employees who helped produce those panels. All of our employees gathered around to listen to Governor Walker as he spoke about the lowest unemployment rates in years, how he is allocating more money to trade schools for the training of students and while he travels around Wisconsin, visiting different companies, he enjoys meeting the hard working people of this state.

Governor Walker took the time to shake hands and take selfies with every employee. He then returned to our conference room where the media did a brief question/answer session.

ICP is honored that Governor Walker took the time out of his busy schedule to come and spend time here at our plant. We appreciated his genuine excitement of seeing what we do here and recognizing ICP’s employee’s contributions to the great state of WISCONSIN! 

Thank you to Governor Walker and his great staff! You truly made our year!!! You’re always welcome back!


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  • Half-brick & Thin-brick Precast Panels
  • Custom Products


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ICP is an APA and PCI certified producer of architectural precast concrete products.