Having fun with Sikich's Jim Wagner


Sikich LLP is one of the country’s largest accounting and business service firms and has been ICP’s accountant since 2011.

Back on June 12, 2015, the Milwaukee Business Journal printed a story on one of Sikich’s partners, Jim “Wags” Wagner. Jim is Partner-in-charge of firm-wide manufacturing and distribution practice. While the article, which was written by Tom Held with the Milwaukee Business Journal, went on to talk about Jim’s past and what he thinks about the future of manufacturing, a fun quote ended up coming out of the interview. Per Jim, “Manufacturing is quite SEXY”. 

Knowing how much fun Jim can be, and what a good sense of humor he has, ICP thought it would be fun to have fun with his “Manufacturing is quite SEXY” quote. During a recent visit to ICP, Jim walked into the ICP lobby and was greeted by his picture and now famous quote on the lobby TV monitor. When greeted by the receptionist and other employees, he noticed that everyone was wearing a sticker with his quote on it. Finally, after being escorted back to the conference room, he was once again greeted by his smiling face and the Milwaukee Business Journal’s article up on the big screen. Wags thought it was pretty funny and was quite a good sport about the whole thing. Even when his associate, Brian, asked to take an extra 30 stickers back to the office with him for their employees to wear! 

Sikich has been an excellent firm to work with and having Jim on their team has made the experience ever the more interesting.

Thanks Jim, we’ll never think of manufacturing the same again!

Photograph by Scott Paulus of Milwaukee Business Journal


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