Marquette Students Tour ICP


On December 8th, eleven Marquette Engineering Students came to get the low down on architectural precast concrete from a couple of our experts here at ICP. While the students snacked on breakfast goodies, the most important part of their morning of course, Matt Graf, led the presentation and question/answer portion of their tour with John Krupo and Dan Seidl assisting. Once all questions were answered, the students were given a tour of ICP’s plant. They got to see molds being built, panels being poured and they took a walk around our yard to see the finished product.

Many questions were asked and the students left ICP with full bellies and a brief education on architectural precast concrete.

Thank you to Mr. Jahner for bringing the students in. We look forward to these tours every semester. These students are our future and we want to see them succeed. We hope to be able to work with them in the future. Good Luck!  


  • Precast Panels
  • Sign Panels
  • Half-brick & Thin-brick Precast Panels
  • Custom Products


  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Simulated Granite
  • Granite
  • Simulated Limestone
  • Brick




ICP is an APA and PCI certified producer of architectural precast concrete products.