ICP Attends the 2023 PCI Illinois/Wisconsin Summer Summit

ICP was one of a select few that had a booth at the PCI IL/WI Summer Summit, allowing the opportunity to showcase some samples and connect with the 123 event attendees and 57 Architects. “The event was awesome.” said Jim Miller of ICP. “Having the ability to see the products bring some of our samples and point them to our architects garden on our website is a huge competitive advantage.”  

The first day of the event was 3 Speakers, which gave the Architects 5 CEU units, during breaks they visited tables set up by producers and associates. There was a dinner in the evening hosted by Jim Voss, President – JVI Inc.  

To see the architects garden online, click the hyperlink.To schedule your in-person tour of the garden, visit https://www.internationalconcrete.com/about-us/contact-us/.


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